Would you like to join the PSI ITIT organising committee?

Apr 12, 2021, 13:31 PM

The PSI ITIT course has been hugely popular for people starting out in their career for many years. The participants go through a complete drug development experience from discovery to marketing, by visiting six companies over the course of a year and learning about the topics from experts in their field. Would you like to be part of the organising team for the course?

We aim to have seven to eight people on the committee. Each member is responsible for organising one session and being the back-up organiser for another session. The main tasks involved in organising a session are to:

·        liaise with the host company to arrange the session dates and agenda

·        work with MCI to arrange the hotel and meals for the delegates

·        provide support during the session along with the back-up organiser.  

You’ll have the team’s support throughout the process and will get the opportunity to be a back-up organiser to see how it’s done before being the main organiser.

It’s a lot of fun being on the organising team and you’ll be making a big contribution to the continued success of the course.

If you’re interested in joining the team please email Alex and Zelie briefly describing why you’d like to join. 

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