Book reviews for Pharmaceutical Statistics

Any reader of Pharmaceutical Statistics may offer to review the books listed below, or other new books that they think would be suitable. You may already be familiar with the material and wish to provide a summary and advice useful for other readers of the journal, or you may be interested in the material and would like to look at it with the production of a review as impetus. I aim to publish reviews of any new books, or substantially new editions, on medical and pharmaceutical statistics; this includes those aimed at statisticians, and those intended to inform scientists about statistics. In addition, I will accept reviews of appropriate books on general statistical topics. The reviewer will be able to keep the book, as long as they complete the review in a reasonable time. Please contact me by email (feng.2.liu at the domain to offer to review a book, to suggest someone else who might be interested in reviewing a book, or to suggest further books that should be reviewed.

Guidelines for reviews

For a single book, I suggest aiming for 500 to 1000 words. I also encourage comparative reviews of books on a common topic, and these are likely to be longer. On the other hand, reviews of new editions of books may be shorter, concentrating on whatever additional material has been published. However, the content is more important than the length. I would like to see the coverage of each book described sufficiently so that people are clear what they will find in it, and the level or intended audience made clear. Most important for Pharmaceutical Statistics is to have an opinion on the book with regards to its relevance for practical statisticians in the pharmaceutical industry.

List of Book Titles For Review

The journal covers new and revised publications in the medical and pharmaceutical application of Statistics. The following titles are available for review, but we welcome offers to review any suitable books. 

Please contact me if you would like to review any of the books listed here, or suggest other suitable titles for review; my email address is feng.2.liu at the domain 

  1. Adaptive Designs for Sequential Treatment Allocation (2015) Alessandro Antognini and Alessandra Giovagnoli CRC 193 Pages
  2. Statistical Methods in Drug Combination Studies (2015) Wei Zhao and Harry Yang CRC 224 Pages
  3. Design and Analysis of Cross-Over Trials (2015) Byron Jones and Michael Kenward CRC 412 Pages
  4. Introduction to High-Dimensional Statistics (2015) Christophe Giraud CRC 255 Pages
  5. Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Application, 3rd Edition (2014) James Muth 821 Pages
  6. Be a Model Communicator and Sell Your Models to Anyone (2014) Peter Bonate 235 Pages
  7. Noninferiority Testing in Clinical Trials: Issues and Challenges (2014) Tie-Hua Ng CRC 208 Pages
  8. Adaptive Design Theory and Implementation Using SAS and R, Second Edition (2014) Mark Changg CRC 706 Pages
  9. Mixed Effects Models for the Population Approach: Models, Tasks, Methods and Tools (2014) Marc Lavielle CRC 383 Pages
  10. Biosimilars: Design and Analysis of Follow-on Biologics (2014), Chow Shein-Chung CRC 424 pages
  11. Optimal Design for Nonlinear Response Models (2014). Valerii Fedorov and Sergei Leonov CRC 373 pages
  12. Randomised Response-Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials (2014),  Anthony C Atkinson 2014  CRC 323 pages
  13. Patient-Reported Outcomes: Measurement, Implementation and Interpretation (2014), Joseph C. (2014),  CRC 331 Pages
  14. Theory of Drug Development (2014),  Eric B. Holmgren CRC  261 pages
  15. Benefit-Risk Assessment in Pharmaceutical Research and Development (2014),  Andreas Sashegyi, James Felli , and Rebecca Noel CRC 220 pages
  16. Applied Meta-Analysis with R (2013), Ding-Geng (Din) Chen and Karl Peace  CRC 342 pages
  17. Randomized Phase II Cancer Clinical Trials (2013), Sin-Ho Jung, 2013 CRC 244 Pages
  18. Regression Model as a Tool in Medical Research (2013), Weaner Vach CRC 473 pages.
  19. Medical Biostatistics (2013), Third Edition Abhaya Indrayan CRC 1024 Pages
  20. Confidence Intervals for Proportions and Related Measures of Effect Size (2013)  Robert G. Newcombe CRC  468 pages
  21. Bayesian Methods in Health Economics(2013)  Gianluca Baio CRC 243 pages
  22. Applied Medical Statistics Using SAS (2013) Geoff Der and Brian Everitt CRC 541 Pages
  23. The BUGS Book (2013) David Lunn et all CRC 378 pages
  24. Interval-Censored Time-to-event Data (2013) Ding-Geng Chen, Jianguo Sun and Karl Peace CRC 405 pages
  25. Design and Analysis of Bridging Studies (2013) Jen-pei Liu, Shein-Chung Chow and Chin-Fu Hsiao CRC 269 pages.

Feng Liu, Book Review Editor, Pharmaceutical Statistics

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