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The pharmaceutical industry, health agencies and other organisations support the responsible sharing of patient-level data to facilitate data-driven research which will ultimately lead to improvements in patient care. PSI fully supports data transparency. On this page is listed some of the clinical data platforms.  If you wish to use data to support your research, or if you are a student or teacher who wants to work with real data, please contact the appropriate organisation, as shown below. PSI has no access to clinical data.

If you are aware of other platforms that could be added to this list, please email

Platforms for Data Sharing

Organisation/Site name Website Data available Application for access required?
Clinical Study Data Request (CSDR) Clinical trial data. Yes (via website)
DRYAD Data underlying scientific publications. No
EASY Research data. Yes (via website)
Edinburgh Data Share Research data produced at University of Edinburgh. Yes (via website)
Nature Links to various data repositories are provided. N/A
Open Science Framework (OSF) Research data. Yes (via website)
Vivli Global clinical research data. Yes (via website)
Yale University Open Data Access (YODA) Project Clinical trial data. Yes (via website)
Dementias Platform UK Dementia-specific data. Yes (via website)
Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network GAAIN Alzheimer’s-specific data. Yes (via website)
Immune Tolerance Network Trials Immunology clinical trial data. No
Project Data Sphere Oncology-specific academic and phase 3 clinical trial data. Yes (via website)
European Medical Information Network European health data. Yes (via website)
Health Data Finder UK health data. Yes (direct contact details for custodian of dataset of interest provided on website)
Swedish National Data Service (SND) Swedish research data. No

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