PSI Spotlight 2024: Keynote speaker 2 - Theo Smith

May 16, 2024, 10:04 AM

Theo will guide us through the multifaceted world of neurodiversity. You will gain insights into: 
•        The essence of Neurodiversity, an understanding of the spectrum of cognitive differences, 
•        The crucial Terminology that frames our conversations around it, 
•        Why Neurodiversity is a Hot Topic in today’s fast-evolving corporate landscape, 
•        The Advantages of Neurodiverse Teams, where cognitive diversity can be a catalyst for creativity and efficiency, 
•        Strategies on How to Harness the Best from Team Members, fostering an environment where every individual thrives, 
•        The Challenges we face and how to navigate them with empathy and intelligence, 
•        Envisioning The Future of Neurodiversity in the workplace, where potential is not just recognised but celebrated and cultivated, 
•        And lastly, an interactive Panel Session, fostering a dialogue that sparks change.  

Prepare to embark on a journey that challenges the status quo, embraces the power of diversity, and leads us toward a more inclusive and innovative future. 

Let's open our minds to the rich diversity of human thought as Theo Smith takes the stage. 



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