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11 September 2023

Claire Brittain, Steve Mallet, Nicola Voyle, Doug Thompson, Emma Crawford.

Do you remember your career talks at school? What opportunities were promoted for maths and science? When did you   first discover the pharmaceutical industry as a career choice?  Raise awareness of our rewarding careers in schools For me, I only discovered the pharmaceutical industry when searching for industrial placements as part of my undergraduate degree. My decision to continue studying maths was fairly generic in that I was good at it at school and thought it was general enough to give me a few different career opportunities - although I was adamant I didn’t want to end up in teaching or finance. Any awareness of drug development I had would have come from science lessons, and never once had it crossed my mind that it was a field where maths skills were widely used and sought after - alongside several other data centric industries.  School outreach plays a vital role However not all students are encouraged to share the same passion and interest for maths that I did. This is where school outreach activities can play an important role in helping to raise awareness of the many exciting opportunities for working with data and inspiring the next generation to continue their studies in relevant subjects to allow them to do so.  Learn about the benefits of schools outreach volunteering Join us in this webinar to kick off the 2023/24 academic year, and find out how PSI can support you in engaging in school outreach activities and how you can take part in our new award scheme, “Outreach Champions Challenge Cup” which will recognise members who make exceptional contributions to outreach throughout the year. Listen to reflections from our panelists of their real-life experiences of participating in schools outreach activities and the benefits they have found from doing so.  If as a PSI community, every member engaged in at least one school's outreach activity per academic year, we could reach an impressive number of students and help to shape the future workforce of pharmaceutical statisticians.

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