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13 July 2022

How do we combine detailed patient level data into an informed representation of the patient? Solutions to this problem are presented by Bodo Kirsch. All visualisations are available on the Wonderful Wednesday blog

Patient level data contains demographic information as well as exposure, concomitant medications, adverse events and laboratory data. These can be presented in one plot or multiple aligned plots. Interactive visualisations are shown allowing to expand and collapse selected details. The use of color and pre-attentive attributes is supporting easy interpretation of the data. The next challenge is to visualise ranking data. See the Wonderful Wednesday homepage for more detail.

Wonderful Wednesdays are brought to you by the Visualisation SIG. The Wonderful Wednesday team includes: Bodo Kirsch, Alexander Schacht, Mark Baillie, Daniel Saure, Zachary Skrivanek, Lorenz Uhlmann, Rachel Phillips, Markus Vogler, David Carr, Steve Mallett, Abi Williams, Julia Igel, Gakava Lovemore, Katie Murphy, Rhys Warham, Sara Zari, Irene de la Torre Arenas

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