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04 October 2022

Dr Brianna Gaskill

In recent years,  the scientific community has finally become more generally aware of the current reproducibility and translatability crisis. Some of this awareness has come from the recent NIH initiative on “Enhancing rigor, transparency, and translatability in animal research” starting a paradigm shift around certain themes. Colleagues and I feel that we are witnessing the birth of a new discipline, which we have termed Therioepistemology, or the study of how knowledge is gained from animal research. In this talk, I’ll outline six questions that help critically evaluate animal-based biomedical research from a therioepistemological perspective. Ultimately, by formalizing therioepistemology as a discipline, we can begin to discuss best practices that will improve the reproducibility and translatability of animal-based research, with concomitant benefits in terms of human health, animal well-being, and scientific quality.

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