The candidates for PSI Chair are pleased to share their visions for the Society...

Apr 16, 2018, 12:41 PM
Naomi Givens


"I want to 'future proof' PSI. That's a big claim. What do I mean and how do I suggest we do it? Two main areas of focus for me would be through better member engagement; ensuring we offer members what they want, in the way that they want it and by embracing the discipline of data science."

Click here to read Naomi's vision for PSI.

Lucy Rowell


"If I was voted PSI Chair, I intend to build on the strong position PSI is in today, with a clear focus on making everyone feel they are part of the PSI community. My key focus areas will be to create more value for members, extend online content, improve communication, increase our leadership engagement, grow membership and to make sure we are all inspired as we do it."

Click here to read Lucy's vision for PSI. 


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