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Welcome to the PSI Careers Book Club!

The Book Club is for PSI Members to discuss and practice learnings from a wide range of books relevant to their role and network with colleagues from the industry. Facilitators will also have an opportunity to lead and chair discussions.


We are reading and discussing non-technical books which are relevant to our roles. Participants are split into smaller discussion groups so members can network with each other and practice exercises to help implement their learnings. 

We are also looking for facilitators who will be leading the discussion groups. Facilitators will be provided specific guidance for each book with ideas on how to run the group discussions. You do not need to have prior experience with leading a book club and this is an excellent chance to get more out of the book! We will provide material, discussion points and support for each facilitator. There will be also a Q&A session at the beginning for any questions that may arise.

Make sure to indicate on the registration form if you are interested!

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The next book we are reading is "Never Split the Difference" by Chis Voss.This Book is one of the most recommended books to start improving your negotiation skills. A former FBI hostage negotiator offers a new, field-tested approach to negotiating - exciting to read and with effective methods for any situation.

The registration has started and will end on July 25th 2022. Click here to register!

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