10 reasons to attend the PSI Conference 2022

Mar 21, 2022, 10:33 AM

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Thinking of registering to attend the PSI conference 2022? The conference is a great opportunity to learn and network, and here are ten reasons why you should consider attending...

No. 1 Convenient & Inspiring Location

The conference is back face to face this year (for the first time since 2019). Attending in person gives us a break from the usual routine and opens one’s mind to new possibilities.  By physically being present one should be free(r) of the constant pings of new emails or instant messages (that impact on-line meetings).
The 2022 PSI Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The venue is Gothia Towers, a short bus or taxi ride from Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport. 
Gothia Towers is central in the city, close to other hotels and restaurants. It is also next to Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park, Liseberg. 
For the current travel advice to Sweden please click HERE.

No. 2 Cost-effective

We all know that proving the cost of an event is worthwhile to your manager can be hard. However as professional statisticians we should all be engaging in Continuing Professional Development and the last two years have resulted in a deficit of face-to-face meetings and training, it is time to invest in yourself.  In addition, if you are presenting, or your company has sponsored the conference, you may be able to get a discount. 

No. 3 Meet People & Network

Conferences bring like-minded people from many geographic locations together and are a great place to network and meet people.  Did you see someone present at a Webinar during the lock-down?  Now might be the time you get to meet them in person.
As statisticians our work is mainly computer based and we often work online.  Consequently, there may be colleagues from your own company you have yet to meet in person.  Well, the conference could be the ideal opportunity.  

No. 4 Learn the Unexpected

You will undoubtedly see topics that are new to you and come away with new knowledge that you can apply to your own work.  There could be a chance session that opens your eyes to new possibilities, a new approach or something you didn’t think of before.

No. 5 Regain Focus & Be Inspired

Doing something different from your usual work routine is a great way to refocus and generate new perspectives on your work. Seeing other people's work and their approach to challenges may inspire you to have fresh ideas to use on your own projects. 

No. 6 Find New Solutions

You will get to see the latest research and methodology from your peers in response to real life problems. You will have opportunities to ask questions to the presenters and explore how other's research can be applied to your own work to overcome challenges.
There is an exhibition area which will be used for break times and there could be tools demonstrated crucial to your next piece of work.  

No. 7 Post-Conference gains

Delegates will be able to access recordings online to watch later. Conference delegates can watch these videos any time for at least the next 6 months to refresh their memory.
Attending the conference should revitalise you, give you more confidence in your abilities and allow you to bring back fresh ideas into the workplace.

No. 8 Catch-up with Old Friends & New

The conference gives us the opportunity to have fun!  The social sessions, including the Gala dinner on the Tuesday night, provide a good time to meet up. 
There is an energy and enthusiasm generated by meeting like-minded people which it just isn’t possible to replicate online.  Attend and experience it for yourself.

No. 9 Testimonials

Take a look at these testimonials from past conferences and see what your peers think about the conference - view testimonials.

No. 10 Step Out of your Comfort Zone

As statisticians we are desk bound for most of the day, but we sometimes have to speak up or present.  It is good to challenge oneself occasionally to do something different, and what better place than safe in the company of fellow statisticians.

These are just some of the many reasons to join the PSI conference this year!
 Register now to secure your place at the Conference – we hope to see you there!

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