RSS Award Ceremony Video Available

Oct 9, 2014, 12:33 PM

See the video below for PSI Chair Robert Cuffe award Craig Mallinckrodt his 2014 RSS/PSI prize for statistical excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. The video is of the whole awards ceremony. The pharmaceutical prize section starts at 6m 38s.

The award recognises statistical innovation or outstanding application of existing statistical practice that has strengthened investigations in the pharmaceutical industry. The judges in particular look for work that can inform other users of statistics in the pharmaceutical industry and widen the applicability of their work. This was particularly in evidence in Craig’s nomination.

Craig is a research fellow at Eli Lilly & Company, based in Indianapolis, USA. His book, Preventing and Treating Missing Data in Longitudinal Clinical Trials, provides a comprehensive ‘analytic roadmap’ for missing data in longitudinal clinical studies. His work drew together many strands of academic research on analysis techniques and has since influenced regulators, academics and pharmaceutical companies alike in their approach to the treatment of missing data. It has also been praised for being accessible to a wide variety of researchers.

For your chance to be recognised in front of your peers, start thinking about what work from your department could win the 2015 award. Nominations will open in the new year, so get planning!

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