Launch & Lifecycle ESIG


  • Create a collaborative platform for statisticians from sponsors and CROs to work together on pre-competitive topics related to product Launch and Lifecycle management.

  • Shape the industry to increase the influence of statisticians and show ‘what good looks like’ for the work of statisticians in this space.
  • Drive scientific projects and innovation forward related to the fields of Launch and Lifecycle such as medical affairs area, commercialization or HTA.


  • Create a homepage for external communication

  • Collect case studies of how good looks like

  • Publish manuscripts in journals and communicate via other channels about:

    • The role statisticians do and can play in medical affairs and their imapct.

    • Innovative designs in medical affairs.

    • Use of registries in medical affairs.

    • Use of historical data in medical affairs.

    • Implementation of pragmatic studies in medical affairs.

  • Organize workshops and conference sessions around the topics mentioned above.

  • Public relation activities to show how statisticians and adata can help make better decisions.

  • Collaboration with non-statistical associations (e.g. medical) working in the field to improve the role of statistics.

  • Develop best practices for statisticians to be successful and efficent (evidence dissemination and resources, planning and strategic thinking.)

Who we are

Jenny Devenport (Roche) (Co-Chair)

Yulia Dyachkova (Merck) (Co-Chair)

Alexander Schacht

Anny Stari 

Aontonia Ridolfi

Bob Shaw 

Cornelia Dunger-Baldauf, Cornelia

Daniel Saure

Gbenga Kazeem

Giacomo Mordenti

Knut Richert 

Frank Langer 

Lada Mitchell

Lucy Wright 

Martin Blogg 

Nathalie Barbier

Pierre Mancini

Stefan Franzén

Thomas Kuenzel

Véronique Robert


Recent Conference presence

Slides from PSI Annual Conference 2022

Poster from EFSPI Regulatory Conference 2022


How to get in touch

Contact Jenny Devenport or Yulia Dyachkova

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