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We are a group of statisticians, computer and data scientists - professionals with a range of backgrounds, experiences and skills, working in various functions across the Pharmaceutical Industry on tasks related to this huge field of knowledge called Data Science (DS). Keen to join us? Download our SIG overview: PSI Data Science SIG.


We see our mission as bridging DS knowledge and expertise across various groups and functions within the pharmaceutical industry to increase collaboration, awareness, knowledge sharing and enhance drug development. We’ll encourage the development of new statistical and machine learning methods and approaches as well as in novel applications of the well-established methods.


As a group, our focus is on;
• Collaboration with various communities across industry to bring medicines to patients faster and applying Data Science tools where appropriate.
• Increasing awareness of Data Science tools and challenges in wider pharma community.
• Increasing understanding and sharing on how to work with and maximise added value of various new types of data, data sources and databases.
• Increasing understanding and sharing on how to work with regulatory bodies such as EMA, FDA and various HTA agencies in the context of DS.
• Discussing, developing and sharing methodology and applications of various advanced statistical, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer science and data-driven optimization methods for inference and predictions in various phases and functions of R&D including diagnostics and operations.
• Discussing, developing and sharing analysis and utilisation of new type of data, for example:
   - High frequency data from mobile devices
   - Imaging data
   - Unstructured data
   - High and very-high dimensional data
   - Real World Data
• Promoting insights into new development in the areas of software, programming languages and handy tools.
• Collaborating with other SIG groups in the areas of mutual interests.

Who we are

Carsten HennegesSyneos Health

Domingo Salazar

(former Chair)

Federico ConcasGSK
Imran HossainCytel
Jennifer BradfordPhastar

Julia Chernova (current chair)

Julie RusselBayer
Milan GeybelsNovo Nordisk
Peter KruscheNovartis
Vlad AnisimovAmgen


How to get in touch

If you are interested in contributing to the DS SIG, please get in touch with Julia Chernova.


PSI Data Science SIG - Overview

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