2023 : A Year of Progress for PHUSE CAMIS Working Group in collaboration with PSI AIMS SIG.

Dec 1, 2023, 10:09 AM

The CAMIS repository went live in January 2023, drawing on the content from the PHUSE CSRMLW project. This searchable repository compares analysis method implementations in software (CAMIS) such as SAS, R and python.

The White Paper was published in June, which highlighted the importance of clearly specifying your analysis, such that it can be replicated in different software, and isn’t relying on default options which can be different.

For more complex analyses, it can still be hard to understand what defaults and algorithms your software is using, so the team focused 2023 on expanding our repo content, comparing SAS vs R methods. By August, we had covered the following topics in the repo: quartiles, rounding, anova, mmrm, cmh, log-rank, cox-ph, mcnemar’s test, kruskal-wallis test and logistic. October saw the launch of the sub-working group: CAMIS-Oncology, led by Somasekhar Sriadibhatla (AstraZeneca). This team will focus specifically on oncology endpoints and analyzing them in SAS, R and Python. The CAMIS team have expanded in membership during 2023 presenting at numerous conferences around the world. In November, we welcomed Harshal Khanolkar (NovoNordisk), to join the leadership team alongside Christina Fillmore (GSK) and Lyn Taylor (PAREXEL). Our focus for 2024, will be on the creation of additional content for the repo, and sharing awareness of the project across the medical research and wider community. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our team members and contributors, and encourage everyone to check out the repository and help us to grow our content CAMIS ( If you would like to join the team please get in touch through the repo.

CAMIS - 2023 update

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