Launch and Lifecycle SIG workshop

Aug 23, 2022, 13:50 PM
Meet with other statisticians in the Launch and Lifecycle space and discuss your topics!

The day after the EFSPI workshop - September 16th - the Launch and Lifecycle SIG organises an interactive workshop. The workshop will take the form of a barcamp. The SIG meetings have benefited a lot from exchanging experiences from the different companies and participants. The format of a barcamp will ensure, everybody gets the most out of it and we only have relevant topics for this group. 

Below is a description of the format, which we will adapt a bit to be a bit more organized. We have already collected topics from the SIG, which are of broad interest. 

The SIG will also organize an informal meeting for a dinner on the evening of the 15th and the workshop will end around Lunch time on the 16th to ensure everybody arrives in time at home for the weekend. 

There's no additional fee for the meeting and more detailed information will follow. 

For registration, please send an informal email to

Jenny Devenport and Alexander Schacht on behalf of the Launch and Lifecycle SIG

What is a Barcamp? 
Barcamps became very popular the last few years, organized by the community for the community. Usually people who share a common interest meet and work on topics. Meaning: Everybody can present a session, even is encouraged to do so. If there’s a topic you want to present, discuss, try out or you just want to ask the community for help: the pitching session in the morning of the barcamp gives you the opportunity to propose your topic.

All attendees are encouraged to propose a session, help with one, or otherwise contribute in some way to support the event.

After the initial pitching of sessions, all proposed sessions will be mapped to the spots and rooms. After that, the law of the two feeds will apply. Law of the two feeds means: if you decide that a session might be valuable for you, you show this by attending it (or not). Sometimes there’s the situation that there are more proposed sessions than slots. In that case we make a quick vote, and the most popular sessions get a slot.

 All sessions are open to everybody. Meet, engage, share, and be excellent to each other!

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