How PSI runs

PSI is a voluntary body composed of special interest groups (SIGs) and committees charged with the running of the society's affairs. Their activities are overseen by the Board of Directors whose members are elected for two year terms. This structure is laid out below.

The society holds an annual general meeting, generally during its annual conference. Minutes from previous AGMs and the annual accounts are archived on this site for members.

The BoD, committees and SIGs run PSI in line with PSI's Articles of Association with a business plan  updated on a three-year cycle.

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  • Webinar: MCP-Mod – Theory, Implementation and Extensions - Dates: 08 – 08 May, 2019

    MCP-Mod (Multiple Comparisons & Modelling) is a popular statistical methodology for model-based design and analysis of dose finding studies. This webinar will describe the theory behind MCP-Mod (plus extensions), and how to implement it within available software. Pantelis Vlachos (Cytel) will provide a brief introduction to the methodology and illustrate the MCP-MoD capabilities in EAST 6.5. Saswati Saha (University of Brehem) will discuss new variations and alternatives to MCP-Mod and show how to implement them in R. Neal Thomas (Pfizer) will present further technical details of MCP-Mod by evaluating the method using results from least squares linear model theory.
  • PSI Webinar: Statistical Engagement with Commercial Activities - Dates: 12 – 12 Mar, 2019


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