• Recordings from PSI Scientific Committee Webinar: Risk-Based Monitoring

    Apr 23, 2015
    Recordings from theRisk-Based Monitoring webinar on Wednesday 22 April 2015 is now availble to view here.
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  • Recordings from Communicating Complex Statistical Concepts Webinar

    Mar 31, 2015
    Recordings from Communicating Complex Statistical Concepts Webinar on Thursday 19 March 2015 are now availble to view here.
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  • Wellcome Trust publishes report on data sharing

    Mar 30, 2015
    This week the Wellcome Trust published its report on access to clinical trial data, as well as an accompanying blog. The report was a result of a series of interviews with people involved in sharing data from clinical trials, including members of PSI, and is a welcome contribution to this ongoing discussion.
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  • PSI Conference Video

    Jan 20, 2015
    Got the January blues? Need something to look forward to in 2015? If you're not sure yet whether to attend the PSI conference then please watch this short video to hear why some of our members will attend and we look forward to seeing you in London later this year.
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  • Videos from DMC meeting available

    Jan 07, 2015
    Recordings from November’s one-day meeting on how data monitoring committees operate are now available online. The day covered the remit and organisation of DMC’s, together with speakers’ personal experiences of the process, with recorded talks from Richard Kay, Stuart Pocock, Yolanda Barbachano, Jo Glover, Nicola Tyson and Andy Stone.
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  • RSS Award Ceremony Video Available

    Oct 09, 2014
    See the video below for PSI Chair Robert Cuffe award Craig Mallinckrodt his 2014 RSS/PSI prize for statistical excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. The video is of the whole awards ceremony. The pharmaceutical prize section starts at 6m 38s.
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  • ABPI Position Paper on Clinical Trial Simulation Available

    Sep 16, 2014
    On the 14th August 2014, the ABPI published a position paper entitled "Clinical trial simulations– an essential tool in drug development". This was a joint collaboration between ABPI and PSI. Contributing members from PSI were Alun Bedding and Nigel Brayshaw, with acknowledgement to Andy Grieve for his input during the early part of the collaboration.
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  • Expert Working Group on Confidentiality of Interim Results - Dates: 11 May, 2017

    The PSI/EFSPI expert working group on Confidentiality of Interim Results are planning to meet face to face on 11 May.
  • Estimating Sample Sizes in Clinical Trials - Dates: 28 – 29 Jun, 2017

    The three most important aspects of a clinical trial are: design, design and design. A sample size estimate is just one aspect of a clinical study design. The course describes calculations for sample size estimation in the design of clinical trials. It will be highlighted how the objectives of a clinical trial will impact on sample size calculations. The course is a practical course and all methods will be illustrated with examples and case studies.